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Modern Art Wall Fountains

Celestial Tapestry Wall Fountain

Celestial Tapestry Wall Fountain – The Celestial Tapestry Wall Fountain is an odd amalgam of sophistication, boldness, and nuance. It looks somehow familiar, yet alien. The sound of the Celestial Tapestry Wall Fountain resembles that of a stream, brook and a little bit of rain.

Cleopatra's Chamber Wall Fountain

Cleopatra’s Chamber Wall Fountain – The Cleopatra’s Chamber Wall Fountain with it’s wealth, it’s jewels, it’s baubles, it’s bangles and bright-shiny beads, a magical treasure chest of gold braid and precious stones.

Creation Seven Wall Fountain

Creation Seven Wall Fountain – Imagine having a piece of artwork that glistens and twinkles when you move above in front of it and looks astounding even when viewed from far away. The Creation Seven Wall Fountain is just that piece. A wonderful piece of artwork, all of your office or home guests will wonder where you found such a beautiful fountain.


Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain

Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain – The Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain includes colored glass pieces that are attached to the back of the fountain which creates a beautiful look for this fountain and makes a truly unique and special piece for your home or office. Not only is the look of the Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain beautiful, but the simple sounds of a brook, stream, and a little bit of falling rain can be heard when the water flows in this fountain.

Pastel Sorcery Wall Fountain

Pastel Sorcery Wall Fountain – Similar to the Sorcery fountain, the Pastel Sorcery Wall Fountain has similar shapes but the colors are softer in pastel shades. This is a bold and stunning abstract fountain reminds me of what one would see watching an alchemist converting lead to gold. The Pastel Sorcery Wall Fountain could also look like two planets at war with each other. That’s the beauty of an abstract…interpretation.


Wall Vase Arrangements

Wood Cattails Wall Arrangement

Wood Cattails Wall Arrangement – Rigid wood yields in the hands of the artisan, handworked into flowing foliage. The delicate aspect of nature is captured as curvaceous reeds and grass spikes encompass three hardwood cattails, further emphasized by the continuous grain of the wood. The simple and elegant arrangement is held within a sculptural wall vase crafted of solid oak.

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