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Vietri Emblem Vases

Vietri Cobalt Emblem Vase

Vietri Cobalt Emblem Vase – Handmade of terra cotta in Tuscany, each Rustic Garden piece is covered in vibrant glazes with an aged patina as if it was plucked from an Italian villa! Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.


Vietri Medium White Round Vase

Vietri Medium White Round Vase – A Tuscan sun in natural terra cotta shines from the rounded body of this antique white vase with matching terra cotta rims. With curving handles like arms with hands on the hips, this fat vase makes you smile! With flowers or alone, this planter will bring joy to any room. Made of terra cotta. Handturned in Tuscany. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Vietri Small Raspberry Trumpet Vase

Vietri Small Raspberry Trumpet Vase – Italian Masters hand turn Rustic Garden vases and urns with centuries of pride and passion for their craft. This vase is made of terra cotta and handturned in Tuscany. Brighten up any room with this vase when paired with fresh cut seasonal flowers.