Pink Chandeliers

Pink Gypsy Small Chandelier

Pink Gypsy Small Chandelier

Small Pink Gypsy Chandelier from Amazon

Pink Gypsy Chandelier with Flowers

Pink Chandelier with Flowers, Gypsy Chandelier Style

Gypsy Pink Flower Chandelier from Amazon

Pink Birch Wooden Bead Chandelier

Pink Malibu Beaded Birch Wood Chandelier

Malibu Wooden Bead Chandelier

Draped weathered pink wooden beads made from birch wood.

Tadpoles Pink Shaded Chandelier

Pink Shaded Chandelier

5 bulb pink shaded chandelier with satin chain cover.

Tadpoles One Bulb Pink Shaded Chandelier

Pink One Bulb Chandelier or Swag Lamp

Tadpoles Pink Shaded Chandelier – One Bulb Chandelier

Can be hung as a swag lamp or as a ceiling fixture. Ceiling plate is included. Pink glass and acrylic beads.

Isabella Pink Crystal Chandelier

Isabella Pink Wrought-Iron frame and Clear Crystal Chandelier

Isabella Pink Crystal Chandelier

Pink hand-wrought iron frame with clear crystals.

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Pink Chandeliers