Are Bed Skirts Supposed to Touch The Floor?

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Bed skirts are often placed on the bottom of a bed and cover the space that is between the bottom of the bed frame and the floor. Bur are bed skirts supposed to touch the floor or should there be some space between the bottom of the bed skirt and the floor?

When you are looking at different bed skirts it can easily get confusing when it comes to what length the bed skirt you select should be since bed skirts come in different lengths.

Bed skirts are typically made from cotton, polyester, or silk. They can either be draped over the edge of the mattress or tucked under it.

Benefits of Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are often used to cover the gap between the mattress and the box spring.

They are designed to make beds look more presentable and can be both utilitarian and decorative.

Bed skirts not only just keep the bed frame hidden, they’re also used to put a nice finishing touch on an otherwise plain-looking bed. Installing a bed skirt in your bedroom will make your room look cleaner and more put together.

Bed skirts are also used as a way to conceal items stored underneath a bed in totes or boxes. They also provide the benefit of keeping dust and debris out from underneath a bed.

Bed Skirt That Just Touches
The Floor

Should A Bed Skirt Touch The Floor?

Bed skirts are supposed to touch the floor. By allowing your bed skirt to touch the floor you are able to achieve all of the benefits of having a bed skirt.

There’s no specific length for what a bed skirt should be. They can either just lightly touch the floor or drape heavily and spill over onto the floor.

When you are considering how you want your bed skirt to rest on the floor you will want to consider things such as if it is too long it could be a possible trip hazard.

Measuring for a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are measured by what is called “drop size”.

To get the drop size that you need to measure from the floor to the top of the box frame or bottom of the mattress. That will be the drop size you need for a bed skirt to touch the floor.

How To Keep a Bed Skirt In Place

It is often easy for bed skirts to shift some and look uneven.

But there are ways to combat moving bed skirts.

You can use velcro tabs that are stuck to your box springs and to the bed skirt to keep it from sliding around. Or you can also use Upholstery Twisty Pins that are made specifically for things like bed skirts.

Are Bed Skirts Old Fashioned?

Bed skirts have been used for centuries to cover the space between a bed and the floor.

Granted the ruffled-looking bed skirts are rather old-fashioned looking.

There are many options available now to get a more modern look with a bed skirt. And they still can also provide a decorative touch.

Bed skirts are not just an old-fashioned piece of decoration that people used to use in the bedroom. They can still add a nice touch to bedroom decor. And oftentimes they complete a bedding set perfectly.

Bed skirts are also a great option for those with small spaces that need to utilize all the storage space they can including under their bed. And saving space isn’t old-fashioned.

Are There Alternatives To Bed Skirts?

If you still aren’t liking bed skirts there are other alternatives to keeping the space under your box springs and mattress nice looking.

Don’t Use Anything At All

No Bed Skirt On a Bed

Many modern looks and clean decor looks don’t use anything to cover the area under the bed.

This often entails having a very nice-looking bed frame that is stylish looking. And it also requires nothing to be under your bed.

This look isn’t a great idea for those individuals who like to keep things under their bed.

Solid Bed Frames

Solid Bed Frame

Using a solid bed frame is another option for the space under your bed that would require it not to be used for storage.

But this look is very clean and crisp and looks great for modern-styled bedrooms, boho-style bedrooms, or farmhouse-style bedrooms.

Oversized Comforters

Using an oversized comforter to cover up the space under a bed

A great compromise to using a bed skirt is to use an oversized comforter.

Instead of a bed skirt that touches the floor, you use a huge comforter that spills onto the floor. This way you can use the space under your bed, keep dust out, and get a very chic and comfy look.

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