Should Curtains Match Bedding?

Should Curtains Match Bedding? Picking Out Curtains For Your Bedroom Decor

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You’ve picked out how long your curtains should be for your bedroom, but what about color? Should curtains match the bedding in your bedroom that you are decorating?

Some people might think that it doesn’t matter if the curtains match the bedding or not. However, some people believe that it is important to have the curtains match the bedding. And yet others feel that you should match other things in the room instead of bedding when it comes to the color of curtains.

In general, matching colors in your decor palette and matching textures of curtains and bedding are more aesthetically pleasing. This helps balance out the mood of a room and makes everything feel cohesive instead of haphazard and detached.

The key is to decide what you like best for your bedroom decor and then find a way to make your decor choices work together.

Picking Curtains That Go With Your Pallete instead of Matching your Bedding

The best way that I like to pick out the curtains for bedrooms is to look at the color palette of the room decor I am currently using. I may not always pick matching bedding and curtains, I prefer to coordinate my curtains with the rest of the bedroom.

I sometimes pick out another color that matches other decor in the room, that way I’m not limited to having to pick the same color bedding each time. Or having to purchase entirely new curtains if I choose to change my bedding.

In addition to picking the curtain color, texture is important too. You want to make sure that the texture of the curtain fabric meshes with the textures used in the rest of the bedroom decor. One example you would want to avoid is a rough tweed texture curtain when you have satin bedding and Moroccan lamps being used in the rest of the room.

Match Bedding Accents with Curtains

Grey curtain with grey bedding accents
Grey curtain with grey bedding accents.

Usually most bedrooms have multiple colors being used in their decor.

One way to pick out colors for your curtains in the bedroom is to match the curtains with decor pillows on the bed.

You will also want to make sure that the textures of the curtains and the bedding blend well together when matching curtains to decor pieces like decorative pillows.

Choose Neutral White Curtains

Pick white curtains that way they will always match bedding.
Pick white curtains that way they will always match the bedding.

If you’re looking for a safe bet when it comes to your bedroom, opt for white curtains. White can be paired beautifully with any color in the room- from blue and green accents or lilac walls!

If you have lighter colors being used in your bedroom, white curtains can make a beautiful frame for your bedroom windows.

Black Curtains to Make a Focal Point

Black curtains in a bedroom with black decor accents and bright neutral tones.
Black curtains create a bold focal point and go great when you are using black decor accents.

Black curtains can be used in a bedroom to create the perfect focal point. This is especially useful if you are using lighter neutral tones with black bed sheets or with black accents throughout your room.

Black curtains have been shown time and again as an option for creating highlighting features, so it should come as no surprise that they work well when incorporated into bedrooms too!

Usually when deciding which color to go with for bedroom curtains, picking a color like black that is bold and stands out can be a bad thing. But when it is a color that is used lightly in other decor pieces in the room, it can actually be quite pleasing to the eye.

When to Match Curtains With Bedding

Matching bedding and curtains in neutral tones.

The only time that I will match the bedding to the curtains is if the bedding is a neutral tone.

I always like to leave my options open when it comes to changing things with my decor in rooms.

When curtains matching bedding is done with bolder colors it can create too many focal points and make a bedroom feel cluttered.

Matching Curtains with Wall Color

Curtains matching with bedroom wall color
Curtains matching with bedroom wall color

Another option when picking out curtains for a bedroom is to match the curtains with your wall color instead of the bedding.

Matching your curtains to the colors of your walls is a great way to make your space feel cohesive. To find out more about this check out our newest article:

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