Are White Curtains A Bad Idea

Are White Curtains A Bad Idea To Use In Your Home?

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Having a home or apartment is something that is special for everyone. It’s wonderful to have your own space and to decorate it the way that you want to and make it feel comfortable and safe. Part of the interior decor of your home or apartment is the window treatments. You want to have them on each window for privacy as well as looks. But when it comes to curtains on the window, picking out the color of your curtains can be something of a conundrum. One of the most common colors of curtains that people go with is white. But are white curtains a bad idea for your space?

Are White Curtains A Good Choice?

White curtains look nice and provide a bit of privacy, depending on the thickness and type of fabric they are made out of. If privacy is a concern for the area you are using them, then white curtains could be a bad idea if you chose some that are sheer or somewhat seethrough.

White curtains are also known for getting dirty. They can easily show dirt or smudges from dirty fingers. If they are hung in a kitchen area, they will pick up the grease and splattered foods and that will show easily. Often due to the nature of activities that go on in a kitchen, it is not a good idea to use white curtains in a kitchen.

White Curtains in a Living Room
White curtains don’t detract from the beautiful furniture in your home.

Since white curtains let in a lot of light, they might not be good to use in a bedroom either because the light will awaken before you wish to get up if you are a late riser or work nights. There is an alternative though for this if you want white curtains in your bedroom, and that is white blackout curtains. You can also use sheer white curtains and have a thicker curtain in another color to go over them to block out natural light while you sleep.

If looking for curtains in a bathroom, then white curtains can be a good choice. They will look decent and let in the light. In a bathroom, they will not get as dirty as in other rooms because they will be out of the way. The lace kind looks great in a bathroom as long as your window is tinted.

Living rooms and dining rooms are another good choice of space to hang white curtains. Usually, these rooms are the most used in the home, and having the area naturally lit is important. White curtains can help brighten up small rooms and spaces, along with letting in natural light from outside easily.

White Curtains in a bedroom
Sheer white curtains in a bedroom can let in a lot of natural light

Are White Curtains Boring?

They are not so boring as they are plain. But they are not meant to be the focal point of the room that you are putting them in. Whtie curtains are a complement to the space where you hang them.

White is a neutral color, this means that white curtains will go with any other color that you have in your room. This makes them very easy to decorate the interior of your home or apartment. If you want to have a different type of look, you will want to have curtains that are a different color or have a pattern.

You can dress up your white curtains by using sheer curtains with them that are a different color that goes with the space. Or you can also use curtain tie backs that are a different color and different texture. This will add some great flare to your windows.

Do White Curtains Look Nice?

Yes, white curtains do look nice. In fact, they are known to be in very elegant spaces and are also used in many eye-pleasing home decor examples. White curtains are a neutral color and therefore will not clash with other colors that you may have in your rooms including the wall color. This can be especially important if you have eclectic tastes and combine many colors in a space. They have a simple and elegant look to them that won’t take away from the decor you have in the space.

Depending on what type of fabric you get, they will go with anything in your rooms. The texture and look of the fabric is important, even with white curtains. For example, if you have a boho-style living room and pick out a heavy thick fabric that blocks a lot of light, then that isn’t going to go well with the theme of the room. You would want light aery fabric in this situation that allows plenty of natural light to come through. Luckily white curtains are some of the most popular ones selected, so there are plenty of fabric types to choose from when selecting your curtains.

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