Should You Use Round Placemats On A Round Table

Should You Use Round Placemats On A Round Table

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Many people have opinions on picking the perfect placemats for their eating area, especially when it comes to round tables. Round tables can seem like a challenge to style due to the shape. Most of the time placemats are rectangular, but that can be an issue for some round tables, and this leaves you wondering what you should do for a placemat. There are other shapes available including round placemats.

If you are wondering whether round placemats go with a round table, the answer is yes (if you want to). Round placemats are one of the top choices when picking out a placemat for a round dinning room table. Their edges match perfectly and can fit a round table with no overlap.

You can also use square placemats on a round table, but that is another discussion for another time. Square or rectangular placemats on a round table require a bit more attention to detail than using round placemats on a round table.

Should You Use Round Placemats On A Round Table

Why Use Round Placemats On Round Tables

There are some good reasons that you should use placemats at all on a round table.

First, it creates a cohesive look in your eating area, no matter if that is a formal dining room or a kitchen eating nook. It also is easier to set up than using a square or a rectangular placemat. When you use a round placemat you don’t risk the edges spilling over the side of the table or it draping off on the side.

Can You Use Round Placemats On Rectangular Table?

Second, it can help to protect your table from scratches and spills. This is why you should always protect your table with some sort of covering. Scratches and spills on a classic wooden table can make the look of the table aged and rugged. While that might be the look you are going for, you want something a bit more elegant looking age-wise than a big ugly stain and a fresh buckle in the wood from moisture that built up.

Third, it can add a pop of color, a complementary pattern, or texture to your table setting and eating space. Styling your space is everything. With placemats on your table, you can tie in decor accents you already have or complement the paint color of the wall in your eating area.

Fourth, it can make your table look more inviting and welcoming. There is something elegant and calming about a styled and neat-looking table, whether that be in a formal dining room or at a kitchen table. Placemats bring the look and neatness of a table setting together.

Choosing A Round Placemat

There are several options available when it comes to picking out the perfect round placemat. From edging to texture, there are plenty of options.


You are not stuck with just a perfect circular shape all the time.

There are options such as scalloped placemats:

Round Placemat with scalloped edges


Texture is another option you will have to choose when picking out the perfect placemat.

You can get smooth, silky, or even natural texture such as bamboo.:

Textured Round Placemats

Getting The Right Placemat For Your Round Table

Your selection of placemats ought to be influenced by design as well as materials and color. It would be beneficial to start by thinking about style and shades of the placemat or fabric that it is made out of, as you can utilize nearly any kind of shade or pattern in material or fabric.

Using placemats that match the size and shape of your table will ensure that the table setting appears stylish and welcoming.

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