Best Color Curtains for Tan Walls

Best Color Curtains for Tan Walls

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Wall color is one of the most important aspects of a color palette in a room. What other decor colors you pick out, like the color of your curtains, to go in that room will make or break the space. So take time to choose wisely when picking out the accents that will go in your room. Choosing the color tan for your walls gives you a great neutral base color that gives you a large variety of options when it comes to choosing curtains.

Many rooms have tan-colored walls, so what color curtains look best when you have tan-colored walls?

 Without curtains, the rooms don’t look complete. Curtains are an excellent way of adding to the style of a room.

Should curtains match your wall color?

Matching Tan Curtains

Matching your curtains with your wall color is always an option.

Sometimes curtains should be the same color as your wall, but that is not always the case.

It ultimately depends on what you are trying to achieve in the room and whether or not the colors will be harmonious together. But matching the curtains to the shade of the wall can be a great way to help make a room tie together with the other decor.

Also by matching the curtains to the shade of the wall you don’t have to worry about one more piece of decor that you have to make sure goes with all the other decor in the room.

If going this route, make sure the texture of the curtain fabric goes well with the style of furniture you have placed in the room.

What Color of Curtains Can Complement a Tan Colored Wall?

If you have a really light tan-colored wall, then picking out light colors for your curtains would be best as dark-colored curtains would be a very stark contrast. This can sometimes draw too much attention to the curtains and away from other focal points in the room.

On the other hand, if the tan shade that you had picked out for your wall color is a darker color then dark-colored curtains can be a great compliment to the room.

The color of the curtain should match things like fabrics on furniture, wood, or anything else that will be going in the room.

White Curtains With Tan Walls

If going with white curtains when you have a light shade of tan as the wall color, sheer white curtains with a slightly darker solid curtain over them look great.

Sheer curtains are light and airy, and they add such a nice touch to a room to make it feel open and bright.

Using Two Colors

Another way to use white curtains is to pair them with another shade of curtain and use them together.

This can add a great complement to other pieces of decor in the room.

Gold colored Curtains with Tan Walls

Gold Curtains with Tan Walls

Gold can be a great complementary tone to a tan wall.

This combo goes great in rooms like dining rooms.

light blue curtains
with a tan wall

Light Blue Curtains

One combination that you might not think of is light blue curtains with a tan-colored wall.

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