What Should Curtains Match In A Bedroom?

What Should Curtains Match In A Bedroom?

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When it comes to choosing curtains, there’s a world of possibilities.

When choosing what your curtains should match in your bedroom, remember it’s a reflection of your personal style. Whether you play it safe or go all out, the key is to create a space where you can relax and feel at peace. So, pull back those curtains and let your style shine through!

White Curtains For A Bedroom

If you’re pondering what your curtains should match in your bedroom, let’s break down a few stylish suggestions for your sleep haven:

What Should Curtains Match in Your Bedroom?

Should The Curtains Match The Wall Color Or Bedding?

Ah, the age-old debate: when picking out curtains, do you go with the flow of your walls, or do you take a cue from your bedding?

Let’s dive right in and unravel this decor mystery.

Matching Curtains With Walls

When you choose to match the curtains in your room with your wall color, it creates a seamless look that can make your room feel larger and more coordinated.

Matching curtains to the wall color is especially useful in smaller spaces where you want to avoid breaking up the visual lines. Plus, it’s a safe bet if you’re unsure about your decor choices or if you prefer a minimalist style.

Coordinating with Bedding

On the other hand, taking inspiration from your bedding can bring in a pop of color or pattern that breaks up the monotony.

It’s a chance to introduce a secondary color from your bedding, creating harmony and balance. This option is ideal if you want your bed, the centerpiece of most bedrooms, to stand out.

Should Curtains Match Bedding?

Should Bedroom Curtains Match The Carpet?

Carpets often cover a significant portion of a room, and aligning your curtains with them can set a consistent mood for your bedroom.

If you have a patterned carpet, you might opt for solid-colored curtains that pick out one of the carpet’s tones.

On the other hand, with a solid-colored carpet, you might decide to introduce a pattern or texture through your curtains.

Should Curtains Match The Furniture And Decor In The Bedroom?

Accent Colors

If your room has a particular accent color, perhaps in cushions, artwork, or a throw rug, picking curtains in that hue can tie the room together beautifully.

This approach works wonders to brighten up neutral-toned rooms.

Are White Curtains Good For A Bedroom?


Got a statement piece of furniture? Maybe a vintage wooden dresser or a plush velvet chair? Use those beautiful pieces as your guide to matching your curtains.

By using colors from furniture for your curtain color, you can make the bedroom feel well-thought-out and sophisticated.

Trust Your Instincts:

While guidance is helpful, don’t forget to trust your gut with your bedroom decor.

Your bedroom is a personal space, and it should resonate with you. If a certain combination feels right and brings you joy, go for it!

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