What is Boho Style Decor?

What is Boho Style Decor? | Bohemian Style House

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The first thing that comes to mind whenever you hear of Boho style is the free-spirited care free eclectic style that mashes different decor in a unique way.

Boho tyle decor style is a unique mix of different cultural and artistic taste that meshes together elegantly.

Today, we see bohemian interior design being embraced by people around the globe from all walks of life.

Boho style decor is a very inviting, unconventional, and artistic decor that seems to celebrate life itself.

More and more people are choosing to decorate with bohemian style decor in their homes because of its relaxing and chill vibe.

If you want to jump to the boho home decor bandwagon but don’t know how to start decorating with this eclectic style, read on because we will discuss this uniquely beautiful home decor style.

Boho Style Decor - Decorate your space bohemian style.

What Does Boho Decor Look Like?

Bohemian style decor is all about mixing natural elements that are eclectic, relaxing, and fun for you.

Boho decor can be an unapologetically loud style expressed in a variety of textures, patterns, and vibrant colors.

Whenever we see a boho interior, we will notice the play of colors.

This style incorporates a lot of different colors in a space that makes it appear vibrant

Patterns and layers are also prominent in this style of home decor.

Boho style decor is commonly full of artistic and ethnic layers and patterns.

Fabrics also play a significant role in boho decor.

You will notice how people who embrace bohemian design are being playful with the textile to compliment the style and vibe of the interior.

Lighting is also a prominent element of boho decor.

Different types of lighting fixtures add character to the room as well as making the space true to its theme.

The touch of nature is something that we will not see missing in this theme.

Plants are an essential addition to make the place look more inviting and comfortable.

Some even place a plethora of plants while others are being minimalistic with it.

There’s no standard number to how many colors, patterns, or elements to add for this is a style that embraces freedom, art, and comfortability.

These play of elements contribute to the uniqueness and character of the Boho Decor.

How do you decorate Boho?

What we will notice firsthand when it comes to Bohemian style is that it has a very inviting atmosphere.

It is like a warm embrace that is never intimidating.

We can achieve this look by painting a neutral color on the walls.

The preferred wall color would be fresh white not only because it is a feature of our theme but also because we will be adding pieces of furniture and accessories where we can play with colors and textures.

Next is all about accessorizing our interior Bohemian style.

It is the part where we can play with patterns using textiles, blankets, and patterned rugs.

To create more texture and color, we can try to layer rugs on the floor.

Boho style in interiors will be more dramatic and personal if we add handmade and souvenir items.

The low-level seating also contributes to the relaxing vibe of this style.

Floor pillows, bean bags, and leather poufs can help us create that welcoming feel in our living room or verandahs.

In many boho style rooms, there is at least one vintage item. It could be a table or cabinet that is a staple in this design.

Another element that plays a significant role in the Boho style is the lighting that is chosen.

We can select our pick from candles, lamps, lanterns, beaded chandeliers, or we can use these and combine them all.

Wooden coffee tables with a boho style and unique end tables can complement the boho decor. Rattan furniture can also be a unique element to use as furniture.

For the final touches, plants can be used as decor pieces to make the space appear natural and inviting.

Also boho wall hangings can add that needed natural piece for a blank wall.

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There are no strict standards on how you can play with all these elements, that is the biggest benefit to styling your space with bohemian style elements.

What is boho chic decor?

The boho-chic decor emphasizes ethnic and vintage pieces from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Boho chic home decor commonly highlights floral patterns and bright colors or white-washed wood furniture white country style coffee tables as an example of an eclectic taste that can add a chic element to the boho vibes of a space.

We will see ethnic, tribal, and geometric patterns stand out in this theme.

This decor has its influence from the hippie lifestyle and has added a fusion of natural or raw materials in its staple furnishings.

Rattan and wood materials are only a few items that were infused by this influence.

What is modern boho decor?

The modern boho is commonly associated with white wall paints and wooden furnishings.

It also showcases souvenirs or items from all over the globe.

This is a great theme for world trotters.

For those who don’t have much globally-acquired collection yet, you may add a globe or a world map.

That should pretty much do the job of creating a traveler feel in the modern boho space.

What are the boho colors?

Even though the Bohemian style is commonly known for its use of different bright colors, white still remains to be the best option on the Boho walls.

It is a perfect color for any space and easier to match with the furnishings and accessories as you go along.

Once we have this color on the walls, there will be no stopping us when it comes to adding furniture and accessories in striking colors.

For a more cheerful impression, a touch of vibrant red can add the feeling to the room that you are looking for.

This will definitely create a more empowering aura in our boho space.

We just need to make sure that we do not add too much of this color in order to stick to the boho theme.

It’s just about putting emphasis on a particular piece of decor to suit and compliment the style.

Some of the pieces that would be great in this tone would be pillows and lamps.

Purple is another boho color that has an astonishing palette.

This will definitely complete the boho style interior.

Some items that would work for purple are flowers like lavender or wisteria.

It also does not have to be real fresh flowers.

Even plastic flowers would do the job of accentuating it just fine.

Blue is also a boho color that would remind us of a beautiful paradise on the beach.

We can not skip this color in our decor because it can bring a holiday vibe to the theme.

It is such a relaxing color and it’s what boho style is all about.

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