How to decorate a wall boho style

How To Decorate A Wall Boho Style

Boho style decor is known for its vibrant colors, bold patterns, and textures. Bohemian style decor can range from warm neutral tones to loud prints with eclectic flair and cultural tastes. If you are trying to decorate your boho styled room then you might be wondering how to decorate a bare wall boho style.

While focusing on boho style coffee tables, bohemian lamps, and unique sofas for your boho space you might have neglected to think about the bare wall.

Or perhaps you just got a bohemian rattan headboard and want something to complement the wall above it.

But just what should you pick to decorate a wall boho style? Here are several boho wall decor ideas.

You can go with a tapestry that can cover a large wall. The great thing with tapestries and boho decor is that you can get very intricate designs to add a great piece on a wall with very bright colors. This is a wonderful way to add that bright color that many want in boho decor without having to change the wall color.

So if you are in an apartment or renting a space that doesn’t allow you to paint the walls to your desired tastes tapestries are a great option for decorating a blank wall with boho decor. Cloth wall hangings also don’t weigh much, this gives them another bonus if you are limited with what you can do to the walls as it’s easier to find ways to hang them on the wall without adding holes in the wall.

Macrame wall hangings are another popular boho style way to decorate blank walls. These can range in size and again usually don’t weight as much as heavy paintings so if you need a way to hang without adding holes to the wall by using velcro picture hanging strips.

Wicker and rattan baskets are another great lightweight option for a bare wall that needs a boho accent. These can be combined to create a collage of baskets for larger bare walls or just one or two for smaller bare wall space.

Boho Cloth Wall Hanging

There are plenty of options for bohemian wall tapestries that won’t break the bank. Boho style tapestries are a great option if you are looking to save money when decorating your space with bohemian accents.

Mandala’s are very popular for boho cloth wall hangings. Especially in bright, warm, and vibrant colors like yellow.

Arfbear Mandala Bohemian Tapestry Cloth Wall Hanging in Yellow

Arfbear Mandala Bohemian Tapestry

Mandalas with bright colors and tie-dye can add plenty of color to a bare wall and give a nice retro vibe and plenty of life to the room.

Retro Trippy Tapestry Wall Hanging

Retro Trippy Tapestry Wall Hanging

Boho Macrame Wall Hangings

When you think of boho style macrame wall hangings you might be thinking of those plane beige macrame wall decor. But bohemian style macrame doesn’t have to be limited to small and dull. You can get macrame wall hangings in plenty of colors, styles and sizes. There are macrame wall hangings that can cover large walls. And there are macrame wall hangings that can add a compliment of boho style to a small empty spot on the wall.

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Add some blue hue’s to your bohemian living space with a large fringe macrame wall hanging.

Curtain Fringe Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging with Blue Accent

Curtain Fringe Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging

If you want to add something with some extra oomph but yet also have a macrame wall hanging you can always do a combo of a shelf and woven wall hanging. This is sure to add a bohemian touch of style. It’s not quite as big, so this would be good for a smaller bare wall.

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf 

Macrame wall hangings don’t have to be limited to the squares or rectangles either. Round macrame wall hangings are a thing too.

Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging Blue Dream Catcher Moon

Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging Blue Dream Catcher Moon

You can even add a splash of bright yellow across a bare wall with a macrame wall hanging.

Youngeast Handmade Boho Macrame Wall Hanging in Yellow

Youngeast Handmade Boho Macrame Wall Hanging in Yellow

Boho Wall Baskets Decor

You can take baskets and arrange them in a pattern on your wall. Or if you like to have asymmetrical wall decor you can put an odd number in a collage to create a tropical boho feel to a room.

Mandalas as an inner accent in a hanging wall basket give off boho vibes. Use one in a small space for a beautiful accent or take several and create a large wall basket decor piece. Combining multiple colors of mandalas can add even more of a boho style.

Seagrass Boho Basket

Seagrass Boho Basket

Hanging baskets for wall decor can have shapes woven into them. Use different ones to create a basket wall piece.

Chicnchill Hanging Woven Wall Basket

Woven Wall Hangings

Woven wall hangings can add that unique print and natural hues for a wall accent that you have been looking for. Geometric and tribal prints are very common with woven wall hangings. You can get more of an artwork accent when using woven wall hangings for a bare wall.

Geometric Art Woven Wall Hanging

Geometric Art Woven Wall Hanging